Hi! I'm the eldest Newbury Bunny, Eileen, pictured here (in April 2000) with sister Evelyn and brother Oscar.

(April 2002)

(Update 2005) We have three cats, " Ziggy Stardust", "Blossom"and "Polly"- pictures to come if we can ever catch them! And a cute hamster - "Whitey" - now 3-years old!!!!
We live in Newbury, Berkshire with Mum (Helen) and Dad (Paul). Mum is now a 3rd Year student nurse (mature!) and Dad, an artist, has a graphics art business called Little Design Shop.
We have loads of cousins, some of whom you can find at the Aldbourne and Essex links.

Both Evie and I attended St Josephs Catholic School in Newbury from the time we first started school. After completing Year 6, I started as a "Bluecoat" at Christ's Hospital in September 2000. Evie started at Park House School a year later. Oscar attended the wonderful "Ladybirds" Pre-school down the road from our house and now goes to "big School" in Enborne (see Diary).

Here's a more recent picture of the three of us (2004).

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