The original family website came about, by accident really, in late 1998 when Eileen (then age 9) misunderstood the homework she had been set by her teacher, Mr Cripps, at St Josephs Primary School, who had instructed his class to design a layout for a simple website.

Eileen took this to mean produce a website - and phoned Grandad for help - deadline 2 days time!.

Having never before looked at how to build a website, Grandad was relieved to find that he had a bit of software on his computer called MS Publisher that could be used to build a simple web page.
Between them they produced a two-page site, saved it onto a floppy disk, which Eileen took to school.

- Eileen got a house point for her floppy -

- Grandad got the "" domain name for Eileen that Christmas - and took on the role of Head Rabbit (Webmaster)!

Why "pinkrabbits"? - see "Newbury Bunnies > Eileens Page" .....

- and this simple start was gradually expanded, put into a different format and made its web debut in early 1999 -


[Head Rabbit Note: In 2004, I was considering shifting the site to a small hosting company recommended to me by someone I had done some website work for. I emailed the hosting company boss to enquire about costs,etc and received a reply to the effect that he could host without any problems - and added that he had never seen a family website with so many links - I still haven't worked out whether this was to be taken as a compliment or not!]

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